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I'm a (long) retired EMT-II who has suffered from chronic bilateral shoulder pain for years. An MRI revealed a substantial left shoulder tear which over time resulted in a `frozen shoulder'. My range of motion was greatly reduced, and I was in constant pain, which affected my ability to sleep, and many other facets of my life. I started seeing Dr. Tang in 2010, and received several steroid injections, which provided temporary relief. In 2012, while skeptical, I (finally) agreed to try prolotherapy. After 3 or 4 treatments the pain in my left shoulder was reduced by about 75%, enough to allow me to take several weeks of physical therapy (including `joint mobilization' which unfroze my shoulder). I continue to do PT exercises at home. Today, a year later, my range of motion remains good, and my pain levels remain a fraction of what they used to be. My need for analgesics is far lower than before, as well. I'm very pleased at the results, and wanted to express my thanks. –Michael Coston EMT-II (Ret.)


We, here at the Physical Medicine Clinic, would like to thank all who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces. PMC is now expanding its reach by being a registered provider for Veteran's Choice/HealthNet. If you are a vet, please call the Veteran's Choice office at 866-606-8198 to obtain a referral. For more details and questions about the Veteran's Choice program, their website is located here within the Veterans' Affairs site.

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