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The treatment received from Dr. Tang definitely has improved my back pain. The IV and Laser have helped the numbness and tingling sensation. The injection (PRP) has helped with the reduction of sharp pain in my lower back. Overall, the treatment received so far (2 weeks) have shown an improvement in my overall pain level in my lower back and left leg. Siegfried Cropper Patient


Electrical stimulation has many uses in physical therapy. Perhaps the most familiar use for electrical stimulation is the control of pain. The most common ways electrical stimulation is used to control pain are trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and interferential current.

Instead of inserting needles through the skin, electrodes may be stuck on the surface of the skin. When electrical stimulation is applied through these electrodes, it has the same effect as applying it through needles. This method is always preferable to inserting needles. This is known as electro-acupuncture or acupoint.

Different frequencies of electrical stimulation cause different endorphins to be released. An electro-acupuncture unit which switches between the frequencies of 2 hertz and 100 hertz every 3 seconds has therefore been produced.

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