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Dr. Tang is very knowledgeable concerning Pain Management as well as any other area of medicine. Dr. Tang found a cancerious tumor in my thyroid which probably saved my life. She is very easy to talk to and spends as much time with me as necessary. I would recommend Dr. Tang to anyone. Pat Caudill Patient

About Us

Our mission is to serve patients with honesty, sincerity, and compassion for the betterment of their healths and lives. We treat each patient with a combination of medical, physical, and behavioral therapies, and do so in an atmosphere that encourages the patient to participate actively in important decisions about the treatment and management of his or her chronic pain.

We individualize each patient care plan with a combination of behavioral, medical, and physical therapies in an atmosphere that encourages our patients to participate actively in important decisions about the treatment and management of their unique pain condition. We listen to you, our patients, so that we can understand and serve your needs better.

  • Highly effective Diagnostic Ultrasound guided injection, avoid x-ray exposure, avoid damages to tendons, vessels or nerves
  • C-arm guided cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine ESI, facet injection, selective nerve root block, medial branch blocks
  • Sympathetic nervice block for refractory pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy
  • Epidural lysis of the adhesions
  • Electrodiagnostic study (EDX) for neuropathy or myopathy
  • Auricular, Hand and Body Laserpuncture
  • New Technology - Cold Laser Therapy for high effective wound healing and tissue repair
Self-pay welcomed for Laser Therapy and Accupuncture


Pain Diagram
Terminalogy What is it?
Failed Neck/Back Syndrome Relentless or worsening pain afetr back surgery
Spasticity Increasing of the muscle tone that is velocity dependent
Complex regional pain syndrome Reflex sympathetic dystrophy developed after limb injury, changes of the skin color and temperature
Migraine headaches Neurologic syndrome, headaches last 4-72 hrs, with altered bodily perception, photo- or phonophobia
Paresthesia Disturbance of sensation, burning, "pins and needles" or feeling "asleep" of the limbs
Fibromyalgia Chronic wide spread muscle aching with debilitating fatigue, sleep disorder & joint pain

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